Enjoy These Dining Experiences In Iowa City Iowa


How many restaurants do you think are in Iowa City? There are a total of 219 of them as of the date of this article. It helps exploring your options virtually before you decide to pay one of them a visit. That way you will know that you’re stopping by one of the best dining establishments. The following are four of the top-ranked restaurants for you and your family to explore while you’re in Iowa City.

Oasis Falafel is one of them, and you will find this restaurant at 206 North Linn Street. As you can see, it is definitely known for its falafel. Yet it’s also known for its Middle Eastern cuisine in general. Enjoy hummus, chicken skewers, a Mediterranean salad and much more. People say that the restaurant isn’t fancy, which is a good thing. You’re talking about a nice, casual restaurant where the food is fresh and everyone is friendly.

Jimmy Jack’s East Side is a great place to go if you’re wanting to enjoy some barbecue in Iowa City. Stop on by 1940 Lower Muscatine Road, and you will be able to see how everyone eats barbecue in the Hawkeye State. Do you like checking out how barbecue is prepared in various parts of the country? I do, and Jimmy Jack’s East Side is one great place to do so in Iowa City. Is it time for some ribs, pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw and more?

The Pullman Bar & Diner is located at 17 South Dubuque Street in Iowa City, and it is known as a great spot to enjoy some brunch. Some of the menu highlights for The Pullman Bar & Diner include fried chicken, corned beef and banana ice cream. Talk about a combination of different foods on the menu at this bar and diner. People also say it’s a great place to simply order up a burger and fries. It all depends on what you’re looking to eat, but it seems like this restaurant has it all.

The Basta Pizzeria Ristorante is a great stop for families looking for a delicious pizza pie and/or Italian cuisine. Its location is 121 Iowa Avenue. How about some roasted butternut squash, a meatball sandwich or wood fired pizza? Top it off with ice cream for dessert.

That’s four of the best restaurants in Iowa City. Which one is going to be your first stop? Have fun dining out with your family in Iowa City, Iowa.